What Does a Community Association Management Company Do?

What Does a Community Association Management Company Do?

Studies show that the United States has more than 143 million housing units. With so many communities, it's easy to see why HOA management is such a popular choice in California to keep things organized. But how can HOA management handle all the tasks before them?

One of the best ways to improve an HOA's efficiency is with a community association management company. If you're a member of a local HOA board, you may have curiosities about hiring a management company. How do they help, and what's the trade-off?

We're here to help you understand these seemingly-complex companies. Read on to learn more about association management and how these companies can aid your HOA.

What Is a Community Association Management Company?

A community association management company (CAM) is a company whose purpose is to aid a community with managing day-to-day tasks. These companies complete a variety of tasks depending on what the community needs.

Strictly defining them is difficult due to the range of forms they can take. They work under an amalgamation of finance, project, maintenance, and administrative services.

The primary difference between a CAM and an HOA is that HOAs are volunteer groups of community members. A CAM is a third-party manager that helps in the community's operations.

General Administration

A CAM will assist with general administration tasks. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributing mail and notices to homeowners
  • Attending board meetings and keeping notes and minutes
  • Screening and interviewing possible owners
  • Ensuring all facilities are up to local standards
  • Review proposals with HOA board members
  • Handle documentation and update information for the community
  • Communication with board members, performing vendor management, and more

By completing these tasks, the CAM frees up the HOA board to complete tasks more related to their position. Doing so helps both teams stay more efficient.

Overall Management

During their work, CAM teams will work in management for the community. These responsibilities include processing work orders, following up on reports, and working with the board.

These groups also handle negative experiences. They'll help resolve conflicts within the community and deal with any community violations that need attention.

Maintenance of Properties

Finally, CAMs help with HOA property management. They're most active in shared spaces, such as pools, gyms, and local parks.

These groups make sure amenities are working properly and handle vendor contracts. Residents will also see the CAM to receive keys to the amenities. They'll also schedule maintenance and repairs when necessary.

Community members will communicate their needs to the HOA, who then relays this information to the CAM. From there, the CAM can communicate with service providers to address the issue.

Excelling With HOA Property Management

Your community association management company is key to keeping a comfortable community. The CAM will help your HOA board handle any conflicts or issues that arise. They work as third-party entities that handle the interests and desires of the community.

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